How to answer the 10 common interview questions

How to answer the 10 common interview questions.

Personal interview is the most dreaded part of a job selection process. If it is your first job interview, the tension will be high. It is normal for anyone. But, there are some common interview questions that every employer asks. These sets of interview questions and answers for freshers are common for almost all the fresher’s jobs hence knowing them in advance will come handy.

Most often, freshers fail at interviews not due to lack of skills or qualification, but due to lack of confidence. To boost one’s confidence, preparing these common interview questions in advance will help present a confident self during the interview.

Common interview questions

10 Common Interview Questions & Answers


Q1. Tell Me Something About Yourself.

It is one of the most common interview questions frequently asked in an Interview. How you respond to this question will set the tone for the rest of the interview. It may seem simple after all you know about yourself but once taken the interview into account it becomes a broad and open-end question.

While answering this question most fresh graduates do not understand the perspective of the interviewer or the hiring manager. They simply talk about themselves sticking to personal detail such as family background, education qualification, hobbies, etc. However, the hiring manager is more interested in knowing what they have learned during their time in university. Highlighting more about your learning and achievements will further take the discussion on a positive side. If you have done any internship then highlighting your experience pertinent to the current job opening will build the platform for further discussion about your suitability.

Here is a little secret to answering “Tell me about yourself “.

Whenever an interviewer asked this question he or she is more interested in knowing your expertise pertinent to the job you’re interviewing for.

Here is an example to answer this question:-

My name is Aman, I’m 21 years of age, and I recently graduated from xyz University with a B.Sc with Mathematics. While I was there, I learned a lot of theories in subjects like corporate economics, corporate communication and mathematics, and more. I’ve buckled down in my education, and now I’m prepared to apply my insight into practice. While I don’t have any professional experience, I’ve had excellent exposure to the business environment. Many of my courses involved working with real organizations to solve real-time issues. I’m looking to leverage all that I’ve learned in university and get a few hands-on work and experience.